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Dog training
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We provide behavioural and
field work for all types of dog
because training leads to freedom
Welcome to our site

We are dog training and behaviour specialists, based in Cheshire, but travel to appointments all over
the UK.

We can help you solve any problems you are having with your dog. There is always a solution. The first step is to contact us and receive practical help, no matter how big or small the problem.

We can offer a variety of help, from socialisation skills, one to one assessments, specialised rescue dog training, puppy training, working your dog and much more.

Have a look at our Events page and Contact us page.

No matter if your dog is a pet or a worker, let us help you with the communication process.
With understanding, the partnership between dog and owner is formed - it's a two-way street.

We work with all breeds, and an essential element of our work is to provide continued support after a consultation, through email and by phone. We have found this to be really valuable, as we travel the country helping people and their dogs to form a partnership, with our communication working both ways.

Jim Greenwood

Get in touch via our Contacts page or phone - mob. 07896 025435